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Many local restaurants face the same situation as in the past, when they had to close their establishments. We encourage everyone to support local gastronomy by adapting to the current situation and patronising your favourite places as often as possible. Use the links below to visit the restaurants "websites and social media accounts.

Visit this favorite local restaurant in Marietta, which offers a variety of dishes on the menu, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos de guacamole and more. The menu includes chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, as well as pork and chicken tacos. Visit the popular "Mexican" restaurant Mariedta, which offers a variety of dishes on its menu.

Whether you're not eating carbohydrates, just have a crusty piece of heaven greased in lard and ready. The dessert is also something that should not be missed, it is phenomenal and I don't care what you do, you just have to try everything.

The service has been a team effort since the spring and it doesn't hurt that Crawford keeps a close eye on what's happening to make sure everything goes smoothly. There is no host, orders are taken, one person talks about the menu and another carries plates to the table.

With loyal service throughout the area, Marietta visitors to the area can stop in and enjoy the hearty Australian meat pies and hearty dishes such as pork belly and pork ribs. The bakery, best known for its sweet and sour breads and baked goods, also offers a small selection of Australian food.

La Parilla offers a delicious menu and drinks and is a place that focuses on service in peace and quiet. Most of the selected wines are under $100, but the carefully curated wines are surprisingly affordable. From Laredo to Cobb Parkway, you can pick up a special favorite drink that goes perfectly with delicious Mexican cuisine. Nothing beats a hearty meal at one of the area's most popular restaurants. Spring brings you to all the places you ever dreamed of, from the beach to the mountains and back again, all in one place.

El ranchero in Cobb offers some of the best Mexican dishes in Cobb County, and chef Peter Chang's influence remains in Szechuan cuisine, which is bursting with fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and herbs, and delicious meats and vegetables. Price - Southern Fried Catfish and Southern Cajun Seafood are a favorite among all restaurants in South and Cjun. The wooden smokehouse provides a great setting for a delicious meal with a wide selection of meats, cheeses, sauces and desserts.

The tables in Spring are full and the crowds are full of curious out-of-tweeters who have made it a place to look around. There is a festive atmosphere and during our meal we discovered at least two tables where candles were blown out for desserts.

If you're in the market for a new Toyota, look no further than Los Bravos, which is a great place for the family - a friendly, family-friendly restaurant. If you want family fun in Atlanta, you'll find it all at this restaurant with great food, great service and great atmosphere.

When the Toyota Highlander 2020 is on your shortlist to be considered as the next new vehicle, you may wonder what color options it will have. If you're looking for a all-new pickup with great performance and great features, you should check out the Toyota Tacoma 2021. This powerful pickup offers tremendous performance, outstanding performance and features. Some drivers may wonder how much of the Toyota tacos can tow, but for most drivers it's more than enough.

As for Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger, Alton Brown says this casual breakfast and lunch spot has some of the best hamburgers in North Georgia. Chef Doug Turbush's restaurant has been mentioned so often that Atlanta Magazine named it one of the 50 best restaurants in Atlanta. Want to sample one of Atlanta's most popular fast food restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

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