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Autumn is here and with it the ghosts, goblins, ghosts, witches and other spirits - like creatures in the area. This fun and varied event is suitable for children aged 12 and over and includes games, sweets, prizes and a costume competition. Activities include a trick or treat trail where participants receive sweets, handicrafts and more.

The trip continues with a special stand for seasonal drinks and snacks and a costume competition for children and adults.

Tickets cost $15 per person and can be purchased online or at the Schaubühne on the day of the event. Weekly tickets are $35, plus vehicle taxes and fees, weekend and holiday tickets are $45, plus taxes, fees and vehicles.

From December 4 to 18, visitors to the tour can vote for who they think has the best Marietta Pilgrimage Book for the 2016 / 17 season. For 25 dollars you can buy a ticket for the walk, a copy of the Maria Pil Grandson's Guide, or buy it at the show buhne or at participating houses in the area. The "Mariettas Pilgrimage Walk - Tour - Book" will include a hiking map and a list of participating hometowns for each tour.

Head out into the square to enjoy the farmers market on Marietta Square and visit the art and craft stalls. From 11 am to 3 pm the craft market takes place on Marienteeplatz. M. on Saturday, December 3. Editor's note: Please check the date and time of these events to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Skip the mail this year and check your holiday shopping list by buying unique gifts at local shops and artisans on Marietta Square.

Harvest Festival features crafts by local artists, including food, music, food trucks, crafts and more, as well as live music. Bring your scarecrows to the garden for the annual Halloween festival, which features live entertainment, vendors and a scarecrow competition.

The festival in Marietta includes live music, food trucks, vendors, crafts and more, as well as live entertainment. There are also many events throughout the year, including a variety of crafts, music and food by local artists and a food truck competition.

The Sleepy Hollow Farm in Cobb County opens to the public on September 26 and offers more than 1,000 acres of farm animals and a variety of activities for children and adults. The Fall Festival includes live music, food trucks, vendors, live entertainment, pumpkin patties and more. Memorabilia, rare prints and costumes were added and combined to commemorate those who went before the wind. This park covers almost 3,500 hectares and features a number of restored farmhouses, as well as an amphitheatre, playground, picnic area, hay rides and other activities.

If you don't want to be spooked, we have listed some socially distanced events that make this unusual Halloween season special. This local Halloween feast will make your heart melt if you get a thrill from things that go bump at night. Every year the Lights for LIFE display is a little different, making the experience unique from one year to the next.

A self-guided walk through the Georgia Museum of Natural History and History, with a special focus on the history and culture of Georgia's oldest museum.

The virtual parade is scheduled for October 17 at 7 p.m. and can be viewed online at / L5Halloween. The event is free and open to the public and will be open on Saturday 18 October from 19.30 to 21: 00.

If you are interested in experiencing all that Marietta has to offer, don't forget to check out the full list of events for the coming month of October and throughout the year. For more information on the events, call 770-794-5601 or email or text Marietta Georgia Events at 704-688-5555.

There is no reason not to enjoy some classic Halloween activities and a great movie, and all the fun of this Marietta event is free for the public. Professional artists have created artworks throughout the city in the form of street art, sculptures and other artworks. Take a trip to Mariaplatz to see the artwork in person and explore the artworks of local artists and other artists from around the world. There is live music on the square throughout the day and more than a dozen local food trucks on site.

Marietta hosts the annual Halloween Parade, a celebration of all things Halloween related, from costumes and costumes to food and entertainment.

This year, the annual Halloween Parade is open to the public from 18: 30 to 21: 00, with a special stop at the Marietta City Library at 22: 45.

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